Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos are a very subtle and symbolical tattooing style. Filled with colors or grey and black, flower tattoos are the most lovely form of body art. However, you should know the meaning before you ink them on your body.

Rose symbolizes beauty and pain. Rose tattoos look beautiful with Catholic cross as a memorial tattoo design for parents or other beloved person. Red rose is a classy choice that symbolizes love.

In eastern cultures, lotus flower has the same prestige as the rose in western culture. Egyptians adored the blooms that opened in the morning and closed at night. Buddhists admire the lotus as the symbol of enlightenment.

Lily represents the purity as in the Bible. Orange lily symbolizes passion. There’s a legend that Juno created the Milky Way and lily flower from nursing Hercules.

Daisy is the symbol of joy and piece. It was adored in medieval times and was believed to symbolize the children. Daisy tattoo is a perfect choice for the young and free spirit.