Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos are mostly popular among men. Though, there are lots of different kind of designs both for men women. If you are looking for a shoulder tattoo idea, the first mistake you should avoid is going with the first one that you have seen on google images. If you feel like the first photo you have seen is the one you are probably on the wrong track. Look for more. Go through hundreds of various tattoo images and collect your favorites into one folder. Never choose from a few designs. Also, never make a mistake like this or you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Another mistake to avoid is copycat. Most of all tattoos are inspired by other works and that is ok, but making an exact design is just not cool. However, if you are not very creative and you can’t design tattoo yourself, bring the ideas that you have gathered to your local artist. He will draw you some sketches and you will have a unique design. Win-win!