Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos became very popular in the last few years amongst women. Due to the size of the wrist, these tattoos are usually tiny and minimal. They are also less painful, compared for instance with side tattoos. The origin of wrist tattoos goes back to many years ago when they were mostly used by sailors. Back then, the most popular wrist tattoo was the nautical star. It was believed that this star protects and guides sailors in the sea. In the late 50’s and early 60’s, wrist tattoos were popular among LGBT community.

Nowadays, people have various tattoos on their wrists. This placement is so popular because one can always look at his wrist and remember the meaning of tattoo. That’s why people tend to have inspirational quotes or minimal symbols inked over their wrists. For example, if the person has difficult times, he could just look at the quote on his wrist and be strong or inspired again.

Most common types of wrist tattoos

Zodiac tattoos. Based on person’s zodiac sign, these inner wrist tattoos symbolize inspiration and devotion.

Star tattoos. Simple and stylish, minimal star tattoos can be inked in subtle black or any other color

Quote tattoos. probably the most common wrist tattoo style, this is a great way to be inspired every day with a meaningful quote, word or just to remember someone you love.

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Swallow Wrist Tattoo

Swallow Wrist Tattoo

Cute minimal outline tattoo of a swallow inked on the left inner wrist in black color
Beautiful Wrist Tattoo

Beautiful Wrist Tattoo

Beautiful and minimal tattoo of a bracelet inked on the right wrist. Tattoo done on LTW Tattoo Studio